love poems for him

here you can read beautiful love poems for him, you can send your lovers, boyfriends or clause friends also a wife can sand these all love poems for him to his husband also. and share your feeling beyond the limits.

love poems for him

love poems for him


by Alyssa Anne Vitry

Why do my eyes begin to tear?
Why does my soul begin to weep?
Why is this not, when you are near?
Why do you make me feel so great?
Where does all my poor sadness go?
Where do my fears and bad hopes lie?
Where do my pains vanish when you show
Your gracious manner and your gentle eyes?
Who lets you come from heaven's door?
Who welcomed you with arms outstretched?
Who would dare to ask no more?
Who would not need your help?
When was your heart less than a god?
When were you but a normal man?
When were you not loyal like a dog?
When did you last think not of me?
What creature was I to steal your heart?
What child were you to have let it be taken?
What courage you had, when it could be torn apart?
What was it that made me love you, and you love me so sweetly?
love poems for him
love poems for him


by Carri Lynn White

We have been through the bad times
We have been through the good times too
All my thoughts are of you
To hold you in my arms so tight
Knowing that you fit so right
Our love grows stronger every-day
Minute after minute
Hour to hour
Day by day
To be with you
Are my dreams coming true
Hearing your laughter
Seeing your face
Having you near
Such a great embrace
Holding each other so tight
And so near
What a feeling that I get
When I am with you
love poems for him
love poems for him


by Chris Lee Torres

You are going through a hard time,
but it will be ok.
You think I do not love you,
but you know I do.
Love is what I call you,
Because I know it is true.
Things will get better.
I say this because I love you.
So the one I call love,
is the only one for me.
I hope you believe me,
when I say things will be ok.
Think about the good times,
and forget it all,
even if it is for a second.
I love you so very much,
the one I call love.

And I hope you like this poem because it is for you...
for the one, I call 'Love'.
love poems for him
love poems for him


by   Julie

Will it be today, here in just a while?
Will it be tomorrow, just down the road a mile?
Will it be next week, with a romantic walk in the park?
Will it be a year from now, dancing in the dark?
Or have I found it already?
Is it right under my nose?
I mean, is it with me all the time?
I wonder... who knows?
love poems for him
love poems for him


by Stephanie Nicole Phillips

Sometimes I stare out my window,
Wondering what you're doing,
Where you are,
or what your thinking.
When I close my eyes,
It's you and me I see.
but when I open them,
I realize it was just a dream...
Then I begin to cry.
Because I want nothing more
than to be with you.
When I see you,
or hear your voice.
I can't help but smile inside,
because your the one that makes my day so bright.
I wish I could tell you that
the love I have for you is true.
But no matter how much I love you,
it won't get through to you...
love poems for him
love poems for him


by Donna Lynn Gerrard

A love as pure as the morning dew
Is the love I feel when I'm with you
With crystal clear sparkle from the first-morning sun
It's a love that I dreamt of and can't be undone
And as the last breath of night that touches the ground
Is like tender soft kisses for a love that’s been found
Then, my love, I feel a love for you
That’s as clear and pure as the morning dew
A love as fresh as the first flakes of snow
Is the love that I feel, I want you to know
With the gentleness tumbling as from each perfect flake
It’s a love that I hope you never forsake
And as the snow is collective and blankets the ground
It's like my love, so attentive, it knows of no bounds
Then, my love, I want you to know
My love is as fresh and as driven as the first flakes of snow
And my love is like a fire that dances so bright
That keeps away cold and the darkness of night
With a magical shimmering, the heat does unfurl
It’s a love that will last past the time of our world
And as flames give us light with a warm golden glow
Like the love that surrounds us and protects us from foe
Then, my love, I feel the love tonight
Love like a fire that dances so bright
love poems for him


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