best love poems

best love poems

best love poems

"Holy love"
My Selfless Try to get you ...A selfless attempt to see selfless attempt to survive because of you selfless attempt to see you in me and to see me in you...!!!

"Today's reality"
Lord, today's human being is bribing you,Lord, today men threw money at you and got work done,Lord what you too ... Laughs???Or is it that, that I am thinking? that too you are thinkingThat I have created, today has become me.

If a lord has written the content of love with bereavedment to you in my destiny, I am allowed.

"Love occasion"
~ Love is the sacred union of the heart with the soul.~ Love means affection for each other's intimate senses ...~ Love means meeting with joy and sorrow with sorrow to joy meeting~ Love is the unifying union of each other's sacred emotions.

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